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Antolini Stone

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Antolini has been at the forefront of developments in natural stone processing and new technologies, constantly evolving along the way and never overlooking the importance of quality.

It is not at all what is known as traditional ceramic or stoneware but rather evolved from these materials to the point that a new type of surface was created which was non-existent up until that time. Neolith is pioneer in the Sintered Stone industry.


Antolini of Verona, Italy, is the undisputed leading producer of natural stone and vanguard of the industry. Founded by Luigi Antolini in the 1950s, Antolini’s mission is to offer a distinctive and varied selection of stone colors, patterns and finishes. Decades later, his children Alberto, Alessandra and Francesco, remain true to their father’s vision, continuing a tradition to produce the finest stone. Today Antolini has grown to include new quarries around the world, and the company utilizes the latest production technologies with exceptional distribution partners to ensure the brand’s legacy. Of the thousands of stones Antolini produces, the Exclusive Stone Collection represents its enduring commitment to their customers and dedication to bringing exceptional stone to life.


It is Antolini’s mission to be synonymous with everything stone in this world. It will do so by being as bold and innovative direct to consumers as it has been in the stone industry for the past half decade. Though it has always been Antolini’s vision to make fashion an integral part of the stone industry, the time has now come to make stone an integral part of the fashion industry.


Designed by Nature and Perfected in Italy, Antolini is the first fashion brand synonymous with a design provided to the World by a force more brilliant than any designer who has ever walked the planet:

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